Hard Yacca III

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Yaccas grow very slowly; lower leaf blades break off and form the trunk, which contains gum. The term ‘hard yacca’ comes from the difficult and dangerous task of harvesting the yacca gum, which has been used in munitions manufacture, fireworks, polishes, stains and varnishes. Kangaroo Island’s yacca gum was highly prized for the red stain it produced.

Hard Yacca III
Yacca (Xanthorrhoea semiplana ssp. tateana) leaf tips and gum, found metal ring, linen thread and bookbinder’s gum on canvas
75 x 75 cm framed, image diameter 47cm
Framed in white moulding, with a white circular cut matt, internal side spacers, glass and hangers
SOLD – Private collection, USA

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