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I’m often asked how I “treat” my materials and about the longevity of my assemblages. Freshly picked leaves are pressed between corrugated cardboard and dried for weeks or months. This is the standard technique for plant materials, which have been collected by museums and plant herbariums around the world for centuries. Once this has been done they can be kept for hundreds of years – either in a draw or a frame, protected from nature’s elements. Our State Herbarium of South Australia has plant specimens collected by explorers hundreds of years ago. Eucalyptus leaves are particularly durable, they are described as being sclerophyllous, meaning that they are hard, thick and leathery and have a very high oil content – an oil which is distilled for its antiseptic, repellent and biopesticide qualities. The colour of the natural materials cannot be guaranteed, the hue and tone may change over time. These changes are considered to be an inherent part of the artwork, demonstrating the subtle processes that occur in nature over time. Artwork should be hung away from strong light if you wish to minimise this effect.

Where do I collect my materials?
Mostly from ‘home’. With more than 180 species of plants recorded on our 800 acre property (and a dozen of them endemic to Kangaroo Island) there’s certainly no lack of inspiration.

What glue do I use?
This is strangely the most frequently asked question. It’s the kind of glue that is used for the binding of book spines. It’s very strong, flexible and archival.

Private commissions?
Enquiries are always welcome. Please email or telephone me to discuss the options.

My assemblages have been successfully freighted around Australia and to many other countries. I’m happy to provide quotations to securely pack, insure and freight artwork door-to-door, anywhere in the world. My preferred freighters are the friendly, professional, experienced team at Pack & Send, Nailsworth, South Australia.

Payment options?
Cash, Cheque, Electronic Funds Transfer, Eftpos or Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Union Pay, JCB)

Please contact me if you have any other questions. Jm


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