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My Backyard
Suzie Keen, Features Editor, Indaily
January 27, 2015

Kangaroo Island is renowned for its natural beauty and rugged coastline – it’s a place where you really can get immersed in the wilderness, says award-winning artist Janine Mackintosh. Here, Mackintosh – whose assemblage art practice sprung from studying plants on her own KI property – shares some of the island’s best-kept secrets and must-see places. It is the first in a new series of InDaily Travel articles in which South Australians will offer visitors the inside story on the place they call home.

Why do you love living on Kangaroo Island?

“There’s an expansive freedom over here and a wild natural energy. I love feeling like I’m an insignificant dot in a complex ancient landscape, which has been ‘doing its thing’ for millennia. From our hill we can see for miles and miles, but at night there isn’t another light, just millions of stars, and the sounds of bush stone curlews wailing, and umpteen roos and wallabies hopping and munching on our garden.”

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Nourish Your Spirit on Kangaroo Island
Julietta Jameson, Traveller Inspire
“For award-winning local artist Janine Mackintosh the wild natural beauty of Kangaroo Island provides much of her inspiration. For her it’s an ancient landscape filled with energy.”

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Artist Under the Microscope
Tessa Fisher, Yalumba
December 2014
“It’s hard not to look at the world a little differently after catching up for a coffee with Janine Mackintosh. Janine gave up a fast-paced city lifestyle six years ago for the slow hum of Kangaroo Island and the immersion of art & native flora. The decision has paid off. Janine’s intricately detailed circular and patchwork native flora & fauna artworks are highly sought after – a recent exhibition at Hill Smith Gallery in Adelaide sold 21 of 25 pieces before the opening night. However, deeper than her success as an artist is Janine’s obvious contentment with her decision to get back to nature. The self-proclaimed “botanical xenophobe” now rarely leaves her 800 acre sanctuary on KI – her home, her work and her happiness are all at her fingertips there.”

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Los Angeles Times

Pure, strange delights
Los Angeles Times
Amanda Jones
January 11, 2015
Image: Julie Fletcher / Getty Images

Later, I met Janine Mackintosh, a Kangaroo Island artist who makes extraordinary art from leaves, bark and pods that she collects while roaming the island forests. Her light-washed studio overflows with found objects and the artwork that sells at major art galleries and adorns the walls of the Southern Ocean Lodge.

“There’s natural beauty everywhere you look on this island,” she told me. “From the tallest cliffs to the tiniest seed. I suppose being so far away helps, the rest of the world hasn’t reached here yet.”

As I toured Mackintosh’s private domain, I realized that I could not say which of Australia’s southern islands I preferred. Everything here is beautiful, clean and real – the people, the food, the wine, the scenery, the animals, even the art.

“This is an edge of the world that has retained its purity,” Mackintosh said.

“And may it remain that way,” I replied, raising another “cuppa” to my lips.

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Art Melbourne
Posted 26 May 2011
Panfilocastaldi – Architecture, design and photography
Warwick Mihaly is a principal architect of Mihaly Slocombe, teaches design and construction, and writes.

Janine Mackintosh‘s works in naturally sourced mixed media were stunning on first glance and got better and better the more we learned of her story… Mackintosh’s compositions display a clear dedication to the natural world, their calm and unifying circular forms emphasising the uniqueness of each individual piece of her medium…

The works of both Mackintosh and Will & Caro stood out and up within the exhibition. They are clearly artists dedicated to developing not only the ideas within their works but also the processes of their technique – considerate and thoughtful, their refreshingly hand-crafted approaches are a rarity in today’s digital age. They have fascinating stories to tell that transfer powerfully onto canvas…

The art that appeals to us most is multi-layered, with interwoven nuances creating a work of complexity that engages at first sight, but then continues to reward with subsequent viewings.

We think there are plenty of artists and artworks possessing interesting ideas, plenty that reveal a creative eye and plenty that exhibit great technical skill. However, it is a rare thing indeed, and we think a fundamental necessity of good art, for the artist and the artwork to boast all three.

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