Faith, Hope & Charity

Faith, Hope & Charity
Scarlet Bottlebrush (Callistemon rugulosus var rugulosus) leaves, linen thread and bookbinder’s gum on canvas
49 x 49 cm (framed), image diameter 22 cm
Private collection, South Australia

‘Faith’, ‘Hope’ and ‘Charity’ were the names given to three limestone cottages that were the first truly permanent homes on Kangaroo Island. They were built by two brothers who were among the earliest South Australian settlers, arriving in November 1836 on The Africaine. ‘Hope Cottage’ is now a fascinating little museum.
A group of islanders (including me) think it’s time to build another museum, the Art Museum of Kangaroo Island. Born of a wild island, it will be a living, inspiring, unforgettable art space that enriches, enlightens and intrigues. The building will be a work of art in itself located to take advantage of a spectacular island vista. It will house a permanent collection, have space for temporary and travelling exhibitions and artist exchanges. It will present Kangaroo Island art to the world and bring world art to the island.

We have the vision but it’s going to take a lot of faith, hope and charity to make it a reality. That’s where you might like to be involved. Please visit for more information. Your support would be greatly appreciated!

This little assemblage, made from tiny young green leaves, represents a beginning. Those who are familiar with our Scarlet Bottlebrush will know that when it reaches maturity it produces an extraordinary display of the most daring extravagant beauty and provides rich rewards for the bush community.