Janine Mackintosh_Tidelines_©
729 objects found along the tidelines of Kangaroo Island beaches, fishing line braid and bookbinder’s gum on canvas
105 x 105 cm (framed)
Framed with white moulding, a white matt, internal side spacers, glass and hangers
Private collection Minneapolis, USA

This piece is like a long beach walk, observing the myriad jewels thrown up by the ceaseless sea: shells, sea-worn glass, rocks and pebbles, pieces of sea urchin, sponges, seaweed, plastic, coral, twigs, pottery, pumice, rope, tangled fishing line, wood, cuttlefish, crab claws, bones, lids, opercula, a button and a metal ring… each has an individual story, ending in an assemblage.

© Janine Mackintosh, All Rights Reserved 2016